Special Thanks


Thanks to the following Corporations for their generous support:

Pedigree Foundation Logo

We are pleased to announce that we received a grant from the Pedigree Foundation to help us continue our mission to help Shibas in need. Thank you Pedigree Foundation!

Thanks to the nice people form SitStay.com for selecting us as one of their rescues for June 2010. The dogs will enjoy all of the stuff we got to order from you.Thank you SitStay.com.
  Thanks to SIRRA - Shiba Inu Rescue Resources of America for their assistance with some big vet bills, so that we can continue what we are doing.


To the following people for their generous donations:

The Bloomquist family, in loving memory of Taz.

D. Kennedy

The Dukes Family. M. Schwieterman and Millie
J Fitchko & Nickoli. Diana Lindquist
The Coll family. Chelcy Haning and Andy Fisher
J Harbin and Bella. E. Horng and Lela
Mike, Carmen and Hercules. G. Hudson, Chloe and Olivia
J Brisken and Teddy.  
Mary Lou, Gary & Tyler  
The Fagan Family  
M. Cox and Taylor  
The Schaefer Family  
M. Carpathios and Cody  
The Shiba's of Dogster.com for their donation from Calendar sales  
Brandi S for her donation from the Pampered Chef promotion  
The Shattuck family  

Shirley and her Great Danes

That's a lot of Iams Proof of Purchases!

To the following people who have volunteered their time to help us:

Robert and Paula N
Andrew D
Brandi S
Abraham M
Ethan and Sydney
Stacey and Kuma
Emily B

Our foster pawrents:

Pam & Dan
Robert and Paula N
Susan S
Brandi S

and Finally to:

Dr. Dan Meakin and the staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital for taking care of all our rescue kids.


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